ShareKhan Mobile Trading App

Sharekhan Mobile App

If there is one name that can be related very much close to Indian stock market, it’s Sharekhan. Since its inception, Sharekhan has become synonymous to trading perfection in India.
Based out of Mumbai, the stock broking house has carved a niche in the market since its inception in the year 2000. It was introduced by its parent company S.S. KantilalIshwarlal Securities Limited (SSKI). Later it was sold out to BNP Paribas that spent Rs. 2200 crore for the deal. At the time of this transition, Sharekhan was having an active client base of nearly 12 lakh+ members.
Sharekhan is counted among the biggest stock brokers in India and offers a wide range of trade and investment products to its clients. The stock brokerage is actively present in 28 states, over 600 cities and features nearly 170 branches and 2200+ franchise partners. Share khan has now over 14lakh clients in India and this includes individual investors institutions and traders, corporates & NRIs.
Now coming back to the main topic, Sharekhan mobile trading app is one of the most average performing apps in the stock trading landscape. This is due to the point that every time their mobile app rating goes down, the stock broker comes up with a new mobile trading app.
So, it can be said that instead of rectifying the underlying issues, Sharekhan just launches a new app for its clients. In regard to trading platforms, Sharekhan has a pretty decent trading platform named Trade Tiger. However, with respect to trading applications, things are not very much impressive.
The stock broker claims that they launched a mobile trading app with their brand name in the starting of 2017, which is a lot better version of all the versions launched previously.
As per the latest reports, the stock broker has finally decided to work on improving the existing app rather than launching a new one.

Sharekhan Mobile Trading App – Pros

Here is a list of great features of Sharekhan Mobile Trading App are:
• Everything on home screen – Get all relevant data right the app’s home screen. From stock market indices to your portfolio screens, it is absolutely the best way to access all the things under one tap.

• The Market Watch feature allows users to choose any specific scrip, check details, charts at the basic and technical level, view percentage and monetary shifts in the stock value.
• The app is connected straight to various feeds to enable news around the stock market, commodity/IPO domain. In addition, a single click is enough to let the users view the comprehensive information around particular news as well.
• Sharekhan mobile app allows users to view charts (including Line, Bar, Candlestick, Area types of charts) or scripts for a specific day, week, month or years from the past. The charts also have features like tracker ball and advanced chart studies.

Other benefits of Sharekhan Mobile App:

• Extra security layers brought into cater to the problems stated in previous versions.
• Despite there is extra security, once logged in the app does not automatically log you out if you switch among apps or close the Sharekhan Mobile trading app itself.
• This new Sharekhan Mobile trading app offers comparatively better user experience in terms of navigation, additional user clicks and overall usability. The only concern is the font size but is relatively small.
• Easy fund transfer process available for pay-in and pay-out.
• Sharekhan Mobile Trading App offers a much higher number of features and therefore, gives more options to users to carry out their analysis.
• The app allows you to putdifferent types of orders such as bracket order, normal order, AMO or After-market orders, Sell against Margin order as well.
• You can personalize the default screen as you log in to the application and pick any screen from options including Home, Market Movers, Market watch and Portfolio.
• Easy access market news feed, live research reports and tips right on the app.
• For those looking to invest in mutual funds, the Sharekhan Mobile Trading App allows them to start, modify or pause your SIPs any time.

Cons of Sharekhan MobileApp

• Even this new version of the mobile app from Sharekhan has performance concerns sometimes and users have complained of a slight delay in order execution and feature usage.
• Users are supposed to update their password after a break of every 2 weeks. This can be exasperating, at times.
• Sharekhan Mobile Trading App carries a limited number of Chart types (such as hekinashi, double moving charts not available) features less suppleness for technical and fundamental analysis.
• Sporadicconcerns with the mobile app getting hanged have been witnessed, which can be dangerous, particularly for people looking for opportunities at the intra-day level.
• The user can track his/her portfolio using the specific My Portfolio section within the app.
• Few features such as watchlists are not harmonized with other trading platforms of Sharekhan.
• Not too many options in regard to personalization


At the outset, it can be said that the present version of Sharekhan is much better than its previous versions. The stock broker has really worked impressively in the areas of user experience, usability, analysis, number of order types and others.
However, when it comes to compare it with its counterparts, the app still lacks the much-needed edge.
Sharekhan still needs to work a lot on the mobile app to make it win the trust and heart of its clients. It is recommended to take a demo before you actually register on the mobile app. This would give you an idea about various elements of the app you would be using in future.

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