Ventura Pointer

As a popular trading platform, Ventura Pointer was developed by Ventura Securities and is widely used in the industry. This article offers a comprehensive look at the Ventura Securities Trading Platform, including its features, the process of setting it up, its benefits and downsides, and more.

About Ventura Pointer

One of the most well-known Indian stock marketing services, Ventura Securities offers a full suite of investment options, expert advice, and cutting-edge technology for trading.

Equity, Derivatives, investment in Mutual Funds, Futures, Commodities, and Depository Facilities are some of the financial services provided by Ventura. In addition, it provides traders who prefer to do their business online with a safe environment by way of the intuitive program Pointer. The Ventura Pointer program, once loaded on a PC or laptop, allows you to conduct market research, keep a watch list, analyze stocks, and make trades—all without leaving the main interface. The market is open around the clock, and you may check its status and learn more about a stock’s performance and its past shares by using this resource.

Further, it uses phone calls and pushes alerts to advise and guide investors in their trading activities. The main idea is that this software consolidates the buying and selling of stocks and other financial instruments, bringing together investors and traders. Not only is this program well-known for its cutting-edge features, but it also doesn’t include any spam and lets users trade whenever they choose.

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced investor or trader, you may use this platform to your advantage. You will improve your trading skills, increase your odds of success, and have a much easier time navigating the learning curve.

Top Features of Ventura Trading Software

There are several cutting-edge tools and methods included in the robust Ventura pointer software. Using this program, you may complete your trading transactions in record time.

System for Online Trading with a Ventura Pointer

These cutting-edge features ensure that you always take advantage of a lucrative chance. If you’re a fan of trading, then using the Ventura pointer will totally transform your experience. Here, we have grasped all the critical components of a Ventura Pointer for a deeper understanding of this program:


You may check in on the condition of the market, analyze deals, and see what’s happening in the global market all from the same convenient interface.

Put an end to many hours spent poring over technical analysis and study manuals; here, you’ll find everything you need, from trade alerts to in-depth analyses, everything

Superior Graphing

Line charts, bar charts, and candlestick charts are the three chart formats included with this function. A trader may see a broad trend with the use of a line chart, while a bar chart shows the open, close, high, and low.

However, candlestick charts provide a more thorough analysis of the chart than line or bar charts. As a result, you can keep tabs on pricing like never before with the help of this cutting-edge charting.

Conveniently place an order

Because this program makes it simple to place orders, it is widely used by investors and traders. With only a click of the mouse, investors may purchase or sell shares with ease. When investors discover losses, traders might cancel their orders.

Real-time Reports and Warnings

This great tool helps you stay abreast of the market and make informed investment decisions. This function gives you a full picture of the current market situation and its potential development.

Ventura Pointer Trading Terminal: How to Install?

If you’re interested in doing your own trading, Ventura has pointer name software available. We’ve included all the instructions you’ll need to install this program here.

  • Initial Step: In the first place, you’ll need to create a demat account with Ventura Securities in order to use this program. To do so, simply click the green button below to send in your query.
  • A demat trading account may be opened in two steps. Step Two: After submitting the enquiry, you will receive a call with further instructions.
  • Next, you’ll need to sign up for a demat trading account so that you may use the online trading service (Step 3).
  • Visit in the fourth step.
  • Click the product, then scroll down and click the download link (5th step).
  • Select the “Ventura Pointer Download” option at Step 6.
  • Step 7: On the Ventura pointer page, you will see “New user,” “Existing user,” and “Browser trading” options. Select the fresh user by clicking on them.
  • After Step 8, you will see the orange pointer name symbol on your desktop. You may begin trading with a single click.

Instructions for acquiring your own Ventura Pointer.

The Ventura County government provides no-cost access to all of its downloadable programs and technical resources. There is a one-time fee of Rs.150 to start a Demat account, and then an annual fee of Rs.400 to keep it active.

Learn more about how to start an account with Ventura –

  • To start, hit the “Open Demat Account” button. Specifically, a pop-up form that you must complete.
  • Then, a representative from Ventura Securities will contact you shortly. To complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedure, you will be asked to provide the necessary documents. In addition, there is a one-time account opening cost of Rs.450 that must be paid.
  • The time required to complete the KYC verification is subjective, but once it is completed, you will receive a welcome email with your login information.
  • Find the one labeled “Ventura Pointer,” and then configure it as we explained before.
  • Hopefully you find success in your trading endeavors.

Advantages of Ventura Pointer

  • This program requires less RAM and provides sufficient performance and speed all day long.
  • An open-source trading platform that doesn’t cost a dime.
  • You can see how your results stack up against others and track market fluctuations via graphs and charts.
  • The safest program available, without any unwanted financial messages.
  • You will receive updates on the latest market developments on a regular basis from the firm.
  • Because it is based on an algorithm and not a human, automation suggestion is superior to human advice in every way.
  • The support staff is there to answer your questions and help you through any trading problems you may have.

Ventura Trading Platform Drawbacks

  • Although it has a rather basic user interface. It may be challenging for a beginner to use this program.
  • In the event of an internet outage during trading, you may incur significant losses.
  • This program, once learned, nudges you into a potentially lucrative but high-stakes financial venture.
  • More expensive plans provide you access to more powerful features.

Ventura Pointer – Conclusion

Without a doubt, standard technological resources and a few savvy methods are required for any sort of professional employment in the financial sector. Many traders and investors in recent years have been making money with relatively low risk by trading based on their own ideas and technical analysis.

There are a plethora of tools out there, but the vast majority of them are too complex for newbie traders. One such program that combines both classic and cutting-edge methods is Ventura Pointer; it expands your trading potential while also making it easier to handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Ques: Does Ventura offer After Trading Hours Order or After Market Order (AMO) or Off Market Orders? Can I place orders after trading hours; the orders which get executed when the market opens next time? Can I place an order when the market is closed?

Ans: The short answer is A: Yes, you may place a “After Trading Hours” Order with Ventura. You can still make orders during the After-Hour Sessions, even when the market is closed. When the After Hours Order window opens and closes varies from broker to broker. On trading days, AMO orders can be placed with most brokers between 3:30 and 9:00 am, and at any time on non-trading days (weekends or trading holidays).

2.Ques: Can I use Ventura to put Good Till Canceled (GTC) orders?

Ans: If you place a trade order that is “Good Till Canceled,” it will be open in the system until either you cancel it or the order is completed.

Sorry, but Ventura does not accept GTC Orders.

3.Ques: How can I move stocks from one Demat account to another?

Ans: The client must provide a DIS slip from a different broker, completed as follows:

  • Quantity (in both numeric and textual form), name of securities (with the ISIN number), and Ventura’s DP ID (IN 303116)
  • Information about the transferring ISIN and a phone number

4.Ques: Can I use Ventura to purchase bonds or NCDs?

Ans: Bonds and NCDs (Non-Convertible Debentures) can be purchased and traded using Ventura.

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