Angel Broking Speed Pro Review 2021

Last updated on August 9, 2021

Angel Broking Speed Pro

Angel Broking is one of the popular full-service brokers in the country and offers a wide range of trade & investment products to its clients. Angel Broking Speed Pro is a terminal based trading platform offered by Angel Broking. Through this Angel Broking Speed Pro Review, we tried to cover Its history, process, advantages and disadvantages.

Set up in 1987, Angel Broking offers an extended array of trading and investment products including stock and commodity broking, investment advisory services, margin funding, loans against shares, and financial products distribution.

Along with low brokerage rates, other advantages with Angel Broking are free research tips, and impressive offline support to traders and investors etc. Angel Speed Pro is one step in that direction and considered one of the best performing trading applications in the stock broking landscape.

Apart from this, Angel Broking offers different trading applications including Trade Angel Broking, Angel Broking App across devices. However, its best performing trading application among them is Angel Broking Speed Pro. It is a terminal-based trading platform that needs to be downloaded and installed on your laptop or desktop. Once you register with Angel Broking, you will get free access to this trading application.

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Advantages of Angel Broking Speed Pro Application

  • The home menu itself provides a wide range of options such as defining market watch, orders book, trade book and funds view. These benefits are a single click-away and therefore, even if you are starting-level trader, you won’t have much of an issue accessing this application.
  • Instant real-time market information from the stock market.
  • Being a full-service stockbroker, clients get access to trading calls as well as fundamental research reports in order to make a quick judgment about their trades. These calls are available in the research section of the menu and are visible at the bottom right part of the screen with regular updates.
  • Easy access to reports available on the trading platform. These reports are developed by the in-house research team at Angel Broking with great accuracy.
  • Option to add multiple market watch lists. The best part about this feature is that you just need to enter the first 4 characters of the scrip and it’s done. The matching stock gets added to the market watch from where he/she can view comprehensive information about the stock.
  • Through My Account tab, you can view information around his/her portfolio, trade report for a specific duration and Angel Broking back office reports.
  • For technical examination, you can view 30 days intraday data and use charts, technical indicators, strategies and heat maps through Speed Pro.
  • A few advanced features are available in this application such as News flash, heat-map analysis for steadfast market monitoring, intraday and historical charts etc.
  • For fundamental analysis, users can check data for the last 20 years with over 70 studies.
  • Funds transfers with more than 40 banks permitted, with most of the leading banks in the country are included.
  • You can customize different widgets such as Viewing space, quick links for access, dashboard screen and so on.
  • applications such as NEST Trader in that specific area.

Other benefits of Angel Broking Speed Pro

  • By using Multi-desktop feature, users enjoy the freedom to setup favorite featured windows in multiple desktop screens and then toggle among them.
  • Works at a good speed and offers impressive performance at normal internet bandwidth.
  • Option to add personalized shortcut keys for quick implementations and analysis.
  • Single tap access to news alerts to get the feel of the stock market. Users can define notifications and alerts as per needs.
  • As Angel Broking is a full-service stockbroker, users of this application will get daily reports, tips and market recommendations.
  • Users can even apply for mutual funds online through the trading application.
  • Finally, users can download the market data and information to an excel format in order to carry out some quick analysis and number crunching.

Disadvantages with Angel Broking Speed Pro

Though the terminal software is quite thorough in nature, however, it also presents some concerns as well. Here are those listed:

  • The trading application is not accessible to Mac users. Thus, you will not be able to access it on Apple desktops or laptops.
  • The user experience of Angel Speed Pro can be further enhanced, particularly from the navigation viewpoint.
  • For easy functioning, the entire configuration must be pretty good in regard to RAM, disk space and processor otherwise, users may encounter lag in performance accessing a few heavy features.

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