Sykes & Ray Franchise / Partner / Sub Broker Review

Last updated on April 17, 2023

One prominent franchised brokerage firm with a Mumbai base of operations is Sykes & Ray Franchise. Lets have a full conversation on review & in-depth understanding of Sykes & Ray Sub Broker services, Sykes Ray Franchise Revenue Sharing Models & other elements of Sykes Ray Partner Program.

About the Sykes & Ray Brand Franchise

The firm first opened its doors in 1990, but it wasn’t until 1994 that franchise sales actually began. The Mumbai office of Sykes & Ray Equities (SRE). SRE is a provider of full financial solutions to its clients.

They already have 125 sites worldwide and are expanding rapidly. More than 20 corporate stores and 380 investor centers are operated by SRE. There are powerful people and accomplished experts backing this firm.

SRE is a registration member of BSE/ NSE/ MCX/ NCDEX. SEBI certification is present as well. Also, an AMFI registered Mutual Fund provider.

Sykes & Ray Sub Broker Highlight
Top Business Model Sub Broker
Initial Investment Required Rs.50,000 – Rs.1 Lakh
Revenue Sharing 50% to 70%
Payout Time 28 Days
SB Code Activation Time 40 Days

Types of Sykes & Ray Sub Brokership

  • Introducer: The partner gets 20% as revenue share out of total brokerage produced.
  • Remisier or Sharing: Revenue is split 50/50 and office space is provided for the business partner by SRE.
  • Sub Broker or Authorized Person: Share of sales possible up to 70%
  • Primary Licensee: Approximately 78% of all profits are available for distribution.

Commissions, Upfront Investment, and Other Costs for Sykes & Ray’s Sub-Brokerage Services

Let’s go further into the Sykes Ray franchise revenue sharing model and its required initial investment.

Sykes & Ray Sub Broker Revenue Sharing
Find the details of its Sub Broker Commission for all Business Models
What is the revenue sharing for Sub Broker program? 50% to 70%
Do they provide revenue sharing or direct pay for Referral Program? NA
How much is the revenue sharing Master Franchise business? NA
How much is the revenue sharing required for Partner / Remisier model? NA

Commission or Revenue Sharing Plan for Sub-Brokers at Sykes & Ray

A Master Franchisee of Sykes & Ray takes on significant risk in the form of additional obligations as a business partner, but stands to gain substantially in the form of a potential 78% revenue share.

Sub brokers for Sykes & Ray need to be well-versed in business and entrepreneurial norms and have a natural proclivity for forming and maintaining networks. Sub brokers keep 70% of their earnings and pay 30% to the brokerage.

In the case of a Sykes & Ray Remisier, the amount of money made may reach 50%. Sykes and Ray’s introducer model offers a commission of 20% – 25%.

Two of the most crucial factors that might result in a significant revenue share for the sub broker, as cited by Sykes & Ray:

  • Lots of People Use That Sub Broker
  • Sub Brokers Can Generate Considerable Profits

A Seed Capital Contribution From Sykes and Ray’s Equity Partners

Your total investment may be anything from Rs 2 Lakhs to Rs 5 Lakhs. But a least Rs 50,000 refundable security deposit is required to launch a franchise.

The remaining sum may be distributed in any manner permitted by the negotiated contracts. All other fees, such as those associated with joining NSE to trade in its different sectors, are final and non-refundable.

What is the brokerage charges levied to the clients of sykes & ray partners?

Sykes & Ray Sub Broker – Brokerage Charges to Clients
Here are the brokerage charges levied by Sykes & Ray Sub Broker to their clients
What are Equity Intraday charges? 0.010%
How much are Equity Delivery charges? 0.10%
How much is the charge levied on Equity Options? Rs.10 per Lot
How much are the Currency Options charges? Rs.10 per Lot
What are Equity Futures charges? 0.010%
What are the charges levied on Currency Futures? 0.010%
What are the charges levied on Commodity Trading? NA

Sub-Brokerage Services From Sykes & Ray

Sykes Ray provides a vast selection of goods and services. Stock, Mutual Fund, Depository, Debentures, Bond, Financial Planning, Initial Public Offering, Education, Currency Trading, Commodities & Currencies, Mobile Trading, Futures & Options, Foreign Portfolio Investors, NRI, Institutional Broking, Insurance, Internet Broking, Loan Against Securities are all areas of expertise for SRE. SRE offers:

  • Hassle-free trading with Centralized back office.
  • Trading with ease, speed, and safety thanks to cutting-edge innovation.
  • Financial services & goods accessible in wide variety.
  • Competent analysts who advise investors when to purchase and sell.
  • Localized marketing and branding help in creative style.
  • Proper instruction through seminar and events to keep clients.
  • The importance of consistent product training

A guide to joining Sykes Ray as a partner.

At SRE, it is readily feasible to become a Remisier, AP, Introducer or to take Master Franchise. Becoming a registered partner is a straightforward process requiring only a few steps. Registration paperwork must include the following items:

  • Applicants must provide a valid Pan card, Aadhaar card, and evidence of current address.
  • Minimum age and education requirement is 21.
  • Two photographs of the signed rental agreement for the business space.
  • A person wishing to take SRE Franchise, can provide the above proof and complete up the paperwork supplied by the SRE franchise manager. To receive the franchise business code for commencing the business, it takes 15 days for registration to finish.

For being the Remisier at Sykes Ray, the registration process is quite straightforward and it takes fewer time than AP.

Why Partner with Sykes & Ray Equities?

  • Strategic risk management
  • Advanced charting tool for improved market analysis
  • Profitable brokerage plans
  • Strong administrative infrastructure Access to a vast selection of goods and services
  • Effective backing for advertising and name recognition

Sykes & Ray, a market leader in the financial services industry, stands out from the competition because of its unique strategy of fostering long-term relationships with its partners and clients.

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